This is the PERFECT domain name for a woman-owned law firm where the attorneys are known to be ruthless, cold-hearted, and where they make viscous attacks, especially when involved in divorce or child custody cases! Imagine the brand name recognition the law firm and attorneys will get with this domain name!

If you have ever been in a divorce or a child custody case (or know of somebody that has) you will know how difficult a case can be depending on the attorney fighting against you on the other side. If that attorney is a LAWYER BITCH, your time in court will be hell. Trust me...

This domain is excellent for brandname recognition for a law firm. It is perfect for putting on business cards and handing out to potential clients, and is a great ice breaker. "Here, take my business card and call me when you need legal help. I'm a Lawyer Bitch and I will fight for your rights."

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You can own this domain and also the plural form of this domain LAWYERBITCHES.COM. The auction on Flippa is for both domains together.

- November 2010